Vagabond Kulu

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The new Kulu is the perfect kayak for kids in the 9-14 age range, both as a first kayak if they're only starting out on whitewater, or to hone the skills they already developed in other kayaks. The Kulu falls in the half-slice category, but with a more balanced volume distribution between bow and stern. It is very forgiving and super easy to roll. The soft planing hull makes it possible to learn basic surfing moves, while also enabling precise handling in rapids. Learning to ferry and catch eddies have never been easier! The hull has relatively good speed, making it a breeze keeping up with adults on a downriver trip. For kids at the lower end of the weight range, it is a super stable kayak, while paddlers at the upper end of the weight range will appreciate a more sporty kayak that enables them to learn downriver moves like stern squirts and rock splats. The volume and rocker profile makes it ideal for more technical rapids too!


Paddler weight range: 30-60kg / 65-130 lbs

Length 210cm / 6'10"

Width 59cm / 23"

Volume: 156L / 41 gallon

Weight: 12kg / 26 lbs

Cockpit size: 78x44cm / 30.7x17.3"

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