Talerun M1

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Driving Every Run Harder!

Inspired by the idea that the beauty of snowboarding is connecting turns and being on edge the Talerun M1 binding was designed to allow those who are passionate about connecting turns enjoy it even more. The quick edge to edge carving technologies packed into this fully-customizable three-piece carving powerhouse allows riders of all levels to enjoy every turn even more.

The Talerun M1 binding equipped with a 4mm Power Heel Frame providing an unbelievably quick and precise edge to edge movements, while the stiffer and beefier Premium Lock Down ankle strap allows you to generate precise power from your hips to your feet. The Y-Frame Highback will let you lay into deep carves and hold your edge with ease. Connecting turns with style is all about symmetry, and the 4mm Power Frame allows you to quickly get into a heelside turn and go deeper with less heel drag. A snowboard binding is only as good as its fit, and that is why this fully adjustable binding uses our Aluminium Frame Chassis coupled with a nylon monocoque base. The Talerun M1´s main objective is to keep your feet comfortable and make every run better!

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