Angry Mullet Dino Skirt

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This skirt is designed for really young kids, who have neither the mental presence, nor the strength, to pull a skirt off the boat in the event of a capsize. Keeping water out of the boat allows them to progress and play about in waves without water swamping the boat, as well as mentally making the use of a skirt a "normal" part of the equipment. 

In the event of a capsize, the skirt pulls off on its own - the flipping action itself pulls on the skirt sides and it pops off. 

If your kid is progressing to where they are experimenting with Eskimo rolling, the adjustable bungee can be tightened so that its more resistant to popping off (but will still pop off if the kid starts to wriggle upside down).

It has a front grab loop so that they can practice the action, even if its not necessary.

Adjustable neoprene waist helps it stay on, keeps the kid warm, and maximum water out of the boat, while the nylon main deck is strong and wear resistant so your kid can play in the rocks and dirt without tearing it. 

Fits MiniMe, Mini Monkey, Terrible Two, Angel, Fun1 and Shooting Star.

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